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Is My Car A Classic, Vintage, Veteran Or Just Plain Old?

When it comes to defining a vehicle, there’s always going to be some debate between enthusiasts, insurers and brokers. What one person sees as classic, someone else will see as Vintage

Let’s start with the oldest.

When Is A Car Classed As A Veteran/Antique?

Simply put, a Veteran or Antique Car is anything built before First World War.

We’re talking about things of beauty, such as the Ford Model A, a 2-cylinder, 8 horsepower, 30mph speed machine that came in any colour you wanted, providing it was red. First ordered in 1903 for the incredible sum of $850.

Ford Model A

When Is A Car Classed As Vintage?

After the First World War, technology and design took and leap. Between the years of 1919 – 1930 we have the Vintage Car period. Again with one of the leading cars of the time, Ford released a new version of the Model A, the successor of the hugely popular Ford Model t, which ended production in 1927. Once again a thing of beauty and released in late 1927. It finished production in 1931 after 4,858,644 were made in all body styles.
Also around this time we had the Hudson Super Six Phaeton. It’s success due to Hudson Motor Companies new super six engine, a feat of engineering brilliance created by Hungarian engineer and mathematician Stephen Fekete.

When Is A Car Classed As Classic?

A classic car is harder to define than the others.

I spoken about Classic Car Insurance in another article which you can find here.

I feel it’s a subject that requires a page of it’s own as there are a number of things involved to understand what an Insurance company would accept as a Classic.

Classic Car Beetle


In Summary

When Is A Car Antique Or Veteran??
Anything built before the First World War

What Is A Car Vintage?
Anything built between 1919 – 1930

What Is A Car A Classic??
Debatable, some say anything from 1940 up to around 1974 but this is dependent on insurer.

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